Youth Development

Creating opportunities for our kids

Mental Health Support Services
Our youth have been traumatized by violence in the streets. The cycle will continue unless we intervene by providing at-risk youth the mental health support and relational healing they need to move forward.

Job & Skills Training
Investments in youth employment opportunities and skillbuilding give our kids hope for their futures and offer them a pathway to prosperity.

Parks & Recreation
All our residents, but our children especially, need access to safe, properly maintained parks and community centers where they can have access to space for physical activity and wellness education.

Community Safety

Addressing the real causes of crime

Housing For All
Ensuring that everyone has access to stable, affordable housing can reduce crime in our neighborhoods. We can’t hope to have any comprehensive public health program if people do not have access to basic sanitary facilities.

Harm Reduction
Our communities are safest when we invest in strategies that support, rather than punish, our most vulnerable neighbors struggling with substance abuse issues.

Accountability & Transparency
EVERYONE is equal under the law. We can’t ask our neighbors to be accountable to laws and codes that our elected officials, city employees or police officers are not.

Reliable City Services

Smarter resource management for better quality of life

Infrastructure & services
Our public utilities, solid waste management, and roads are in dire need of investments. Our residents pay high taxes deserve high quality services in return. Our City should explore new options for improved infrastructure such as public broadband that will contribute to the long-term revenues for our city.

Emergency Response
We rely on EMTs and firefighters to help us when we need it most. We have to make sure they have the equipment they need to keep us safe from harm and the right personnel to serve people in crisis.

I will ensure that Troy residents receive timely, clear communication from city officials when we are faced with emergency situations like snowstorms, water main breaks, and street closures.

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