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Marketa Edwards

Marketa is a mother, grandmother, and longtime activist in Troy. She is the co-founder and executive director of the Community Rising Project, an organization providing direct aid to people impacted by state violence and incarceration. Having experienced houselessness personally in her past, she knows the struggles of poverty and believes in the power of community support.

I am a product of a different environment than the candidates who typically have the opportunity to serve. I have faced disadvantages that most of our representatives have not, and I understand the issues our most at-risk communities face because I have lived their troubles. Overcoming my own adversities gives me a perspective on our city’s problems that have been sorely lacking our city’s leadership. As a member of Troy’s City Council, I will bring compassion and courage to our city’s government.

I know my message of community support and healing speaks to many in this city who feel the political process has not included them. I know that by bringing those neighbors into the process, by offering them a real voice in our government, this campaign will be successful. I am confident that representatives like me are the next step to building a better community where each of us can feel safe. I look forward to earning your support.

Marketa Edwards

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